Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top Documentaries of 2011

BUCK: A look into the life of real-life horse whisperer, Buck Brannaman and how he turned a lifetime of torture and torment at the hands of an abusive father into a career working with misunderstood animals. As a documentary, it is a bit disorganized, but the bona-fide cowboy at its heart is so likeable it’s a delight.

TABLOID: Bizarre tale of a former Miss Wyoming who in 1977, was charged with abducting a Mormon Missionary. Errol Morris is still the king of the talking-head documentary.

INTO THE ABYSS: Fascinating examination of two young inmates and their reasons for killing three Texans in 2001. Like other recent Herzog docs, it doesn’t fully explore its intended subject (in this case, the death penalty), but still captivating.

PARADISE LOST 3: A further investigation into the arrest of the West Memphis Three. Three movies in and the case remains every bit as interesting as ever.

THE INTERRUPTERS: From Steve James, director of Hoop Dreams, comes
the touching tale of a group of ex-cons who work to rid their Chicago streets of crime and violence. A tad repetitive at 125 minutes, but engaging just the same.