Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2000s Horror (slightly revamped list)

The staff at HorrorHound recently voted on what they felt were the best horror pictures released during the 2000s. The results were printed in the magazine’s most recent issue. While the goal of the article was to accentuate quality works, the overall sentiment of the piece seemed to be one of disapproval. I found this ironic as condensing the pool of horror films released during the Noughties (2000s) proved for me to be an extremely difficult task – not because of the lack of superior movies but rather due to the large number of first-rate works.

The period is most known for its proliferation of horror remakes as well as a return to the graphic violence that permeated the post-Vietnam years (headed by a number of financially successful European films), a trend that has led to the inexplicable birth of a new genre dubbed “horror porn.” See below for what was the best of the best of the past 10 years (in my humble opinion).

1. Martyrs
2. Wolf Creek
3. Ils
4. The Descent
5. House of the Devil
6. Inside
7. Haute Tension
8. Fraily
9. Let the Right One In
10. Ginger Snaps

HM: Session 9


  1. You read to me over the phone your list, but I had to see it in print to believe that you stood by WOLF CREEK as your number one film of the decade. Not a bad movie, whatsoever (and everyone has their own reasons for loving a flick), but I found myself forgetting about Wolf Creek minutes after I saw it. I understand that there is a soft spot in your heart for modest horror (a simple story made extraordinary through the craft of filmmaking) and totally respect that. I just feel like there was a lot of nothing happening in that movie (especially the first HALF). I want to borrow AMERICAN PSYCHO and give that one another chance. Everything else seems pretty good. I will figure out a response list and get back to you. -Kent

  2. Oh, I never heard of Wolf Creek! That's going on my queue! But hey-- what about 28 Days Later??? That movie was terrifying on a few levels. So good.
    Yeah, I loved Drag Me to Hell! Thanks in advance for your recommendations. Yeah, I couldn't even finish watching The Descent.

  3. I'm not as big a 28 Days Later fan as you might think. Romero zombies rule.