Friday, January 22, 2010

Cool Gift

We’ve all faced that customary Christmas query: “Did you get everything you wanted?” Most common response: diplomatically conceal the truth, say yes and patiently await the next celebration. I however have the luxury of having a birthday a mere two weeks after the commemorating of the birth of Christ and so unabashedly come back with every trinket and bric-a-brac not acquired. This year was something of an anomaly as after being asked the aforesaid question I heard myself responding simply, “Yes.” Thus those close to me will be required to do some major meditating before purchasing me a b-day gift.

One such carefully considered present came in the form of a jump drive, aka flash drive, aka USB drive (and I’ve appeased my Chuck Palahniuk fixation for the day). The 4 GB hard drive was filled with cool punk, experimental and indie rock music from such bands as the Riverdales, Mclusky and Animal Collective. My one complaint: the gig of free space. J slash K, this gift put the hunky back in hunky-dory.

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