Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mucky Pup

I had the pleasure of ushering out one of New Jersey’s best hardcore punk bands on Saturday night as Mucky Pup played Asbury Park’s The Saint for a final time before withdrawing into seclusion forever. Despite their advanced years, the five-man ensemble kicked ass as they serenaded about sixty-plus ardent fans with such colorful tunes as Little Pigs, Hippies Hate Water and Nazichizm. It is markedly unusual to hear such juvenile words sang in such harmonious voice - in this case by one Chris Milnes. However, the wit and cleverness of the lyrics matched with the incendiary guitar playing of Dan Nastasi (yes I did just shamelessly quote Cameron Crowe’s biographical personage William Miller) caused me to appreciate the band in a manner different than I had as a teen. Plus, there’s something oddly refreshing about seeing forty-five-year-old men and bottom-heavy women attempting to incite a mosh pit.

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